TDMore DVD Copy

TDMore DVD Copy

The easy way to backup your digital disks

TDMore offers a suite of four programs to copy and convert your DVDs and Blu-rays that together provide everything you need to backup and digitize your physical media library. View full description


  • Simple interface
  • Straightforward options
  • Plenty of options


  • A few tricky options for novices

Very good

TDMore offers a suite of four programs to copy and convert your DVDs and Blu-rays that together provide everything you need to backup and digitize your physical media library.

TDMore DVD Copy is a tool that allows you to easily create backup disks of your favorite movies (well, providing you have a DVD burner). This easy-to-use tool allows you to take any of your DVDs and duplicated them on to a new disk, or create an image of the disk to burn later.

Exactly how you want it

As already stated, TDMore DVD Copy does just about everything you could want it to do. By selecting the desired DVD drive, the program will instantly scan the disk and provide you with a thumbnail of its contents.

From there you have a few, easy to understand options. You can clone the whole disk to provide the all functionality of the original DVD, make a copy that will allow you to back the disk up as an ISO file, or you can pick the main movie option that just lets you copy the main feature of the disk.

If none of these provide the versatility you desire, then there is also a customize option. This lets you make a range of changes to the final copy using a (fairly) easy to understand tick-box menu. Here you can pick specific chapters to copy, as well as choosing what audio tracks and subtitles you want to import.

So, if for some reason you only want to copy the first half of a movie and some deleted scenes in Portuguese, all you have to do is select the desired chapters from the drop down menu, and then check the box beside the extras.

Feel the burn

While the act of selecting each option is quite simple, there are some less straight forward options for novice users. First of these is the DVD5 or DVD9 option. These translate to single and multilayered disks respectively, so in the unlikely event you are trying to move a movie from the 5 to 9 format some compression will be required.

After that you have the option of how your new disk will play when you insert it. Options here allow you to have it auto play, go to the standard start menu, or jump to the main title. While at first some of these may seem like strange options, you may find that, when backing up your kid’s favorite cartoons, allowing the disk to automatically start playing the show is incredibly useful.

Back it up

TDMore DVD Copy offers a simple way to backup your media library either on disk or computer. It is a tidy little package, with a simple and attractive interface that gives you all the tools you need to ensure that a rogue dog or careless child will not be able to ruin your treasured movies.

TDMore DVD Copy is a fully featured DVD copy, burner software.

TDMore DVD Copy is a handy, easy-to-use and powerful DVD copy software with a lot of robust features and functionalities. TDMore DVD Copy is a powerful DVD copy software that easily backup any DVD with fast speed and high quality. It supports four copy modes: full disc, main movie, clone and customize that helps you to copy dvd flexibly.

4 Copy Modes Let You Backup DVDs with Much Flexibility

1. Full Disc Mode: Copy the Entire Contents on the DVD

Full Disc mode copies everything on the DVD disc, including menus, feature movie, extras, commercials, bonus content, etc, in size of DVD 9 or DVD 5 as you like.

2. Main Movie Mode: Copy only the Feature Movie Title

Main Movie mode copies only the feature movie itself, onto HDD as ISO image file or DVD folder, or burn it onto blank DVD 9 or DVD 5 disc later at any given time.

3. Clone Mode: Duplicate lossless 1:1 DVD Disc Perfectly

Clone mode perfectly makes 1:1 bit to DVD copy without any quality loss.This suits best for those DVD enthusiasts who care about backup quality very much.

4. Customize Mode:Copy the Title(s) You Want to Keep

Customize mode allows users to freely copy any specific title(s) to keep on the result backup. This suits best for those who want the highest level of flexibility.

TDMore DVD Copy has following functions: Copy entire DVD or feature movie only, Clone lossless 1:1 DVD-video disc, Customize the DVD contents you want,and Output to ISO, folder or blank DVDs.

TDMore DVD Copy


TDMore DVD Copy

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